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What the Huddle community is saying

H. Batelle. Mom of 3.

“Thank you, One Huddle. I just logged in today and I’m in ❤️. I’m giving birth in six weeks, to my third child, already feeling a sigh of relief knowing I have a team instead of 2am googling going into this.”

P. Liu. Mom of 3.

“Last time I had a breastfeeding issue I had to 1. Research lactation consultants in the area. 2. Book an appointment. 3. Meet in person. 4. Pay. 5. Follow up with insurance.

This time? I just hopped into Slack and went on with my day!


“I joined One Huddle thinking I’d need support with the new baby. I didn’t anticipate that Michele C. was going to help me so much with my relationship with my mom! Couldnt have been more grateful.”