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Childbirth Education

Kathleen Stern

Kathleen is a certified birth/postpartum doula and infant feeding specialist, and founder of Boston Area Doulas. In her practice, Kathleen offers evidence-based, compassionate and non-judgmental support to all people on their reproductive journey. She most loves helping expecting and new parents recognize and channel their own strengths.


Dr. Meredith Thomas

Meredith is an OB/GYN at Cambridge Health Alliance. She chose Obstetrics and Gynecology as her specialty because she loves caring for people across their lives, through their many intimate life changes. She strongly believes it is a privilege to experience these life changes and events with her patients.

Pediatric Sleep

Jensine Casey

Jensine is a certified pediatric sleep consultant with a Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She recognizes the individuality with which every family defines their sleep needs and approaches their sleep situation, and prides herself not only on helping babies get to sleep, but really on getting the whole family back to a restful place.

Pediatric Sleep

Laurel Segal

Laurel is a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Certified Postpartum Doula and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Her priority is to meet parents where they are and go from there. She understands the emotional turmoil and attachment that new parents likely feel, and empathizes with them through the postpartum period. She is also happy to support families from birth to preschool as they overcome challenging sleep dynamics.

Pediatric Sleep

Akira Seuradge

Akira has completed extensive sleep education, receiving credentials from the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, a global leader in pediatric sleep and parenting education. Akira aims to empower a generation of parents who don’t worry about doing the “wrong thing” with sleep. Parents who are guilt-free about prioritizing their own sleep needs and their child’s emotional needs.

Feeding & Lactation

Charlene Fraser

Charlene is IBCLC certified and a champion for breastfeeding support and advocacy in the Greater Boston area. She believes that feeding is about physically nourishing the baby and emotionally nourishing the mom and is proud to support new mothers in their journey to achieving both.


JoAnna Wu

JoAnna is a certified Early Childhood and Elementary School Teacher. She holds a BsEd in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a specialization in Developmental Psychology. JoAnna has taught and cared for young children in a variety of roles, including as a nanny, teacher, director of the Goddard School, and now as a mother of 3 children under age 6. She knows firsthand how empowering it can be for any parent – and especially new mothers – to have a toolkit and to feel equipped to navigate any parenting situation.


Dr. Ariana Witkin

Ariana is a board certified pediatrician, child advocate and educator who specializes in the newborn period. She has a particular interest in breastfeeding, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and individualizing support for each unique family. She loves caring for people during times of transition, particularly when welcoming a new baby. She strongly believes birthing parents deserve compassionate, comprehensive and holistic support.


Tara Kenny

Tara is a Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Lactation Counselor and Doula who has been attending home births, birth center, and hospital births for over 20 years. Tara is motivated by a strong belief that families deserve compassionate and loving support throughout all phases of bringing a new child into their lives, and her career has been oriented around helping people to make empowered and educated choices about childbirth.

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Dilini Mohan

Dilini is an occupational therapist focused on helping people return to balance in their mind and body. She supports women through transformative periods, such as pregnancy and motherhood. Dilini believes that the experience of pregnancy and delivery can be powerful and empowering. She teaches women to build strength and to heal from the inside out by respecting what they’ve been through and where they are now, physically and emotionally.


Danielle Shea Tan

Danielle is a Clinical Family Nutritionist – CNS, LDN whose work focuses on nutrition for women and families. She is the author of 52 Small Changes for the Family and has a private nutrition practice where she partners with women and children from preconception to preschool age to address a range of nutritionally related health conditions. She deeply believes we can reshape socially-ingrained relationships of women-to-food, helping families make strong, empowered choices every day.

Perinatal Mental Health

Michelle Visser

Michelle is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Early Intervention Specialist. She assists those struggling from perinatal mental health challenges, unexpected outcomes of pregnancy/childbirth, and general adjustment to parenting. Michelle has also led parent/child developmental playgroups. She has completed post-graduate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specific to the perinatal period. Currently, Michelle creates and facilitates courses for parents and non mental health professionals on perinatal mental health.

Work & Career

Niko Everett

Niko coaches leaders and teams to change the world while taking exceptional care of themselves. She helps her clients take the rebellious act of revering themselves and living uncompromising lives. Niko has nearly 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, change agent, and performance coach.

Sex & Relationships

Michele Lisenbury Christensen

Michele helps couples create satisfying, sustainable love, sex, and partnership for a lifetime. Her Legacy Love framework blends brain science, timeless wisdom, and practical tools to help overcome couples’ biggest frustrations and create a love that fuels them both and sends ripples out to their families and community. In the context of parenting, Michele is also passionate about assisting couples to create household equity for invisible labor.

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