One Huddle Community Standards

One Huddle promises to offer support. YOU are an important part of that, so always…

Be yourself. 

Why – You are amazing exactly as you are. Every Huddler is unique, special, and valued. 

Be kind.

Why – Our experts are fully committed to supporting you and other Huddlers have joined to get the support they deserve and need. Please always interact with experts and other Huddlers with respect.

No sales, promotion or spam.

Why –  We are building a community based on vulnerability and trust. That requires people – not businesses nor profit – staying front and center.

What’s learned leaves; what’s said stays.

Why –  Life is messy. We want Huddlers to feel comfortable sharing all of the mess, knowing that they are in a safe space! Respect others’ privacy by keeping Huddlers’ names and stories on One Huddle.